The Fox is Black: Desktop Wallpaper Project

It's been a truly eventful summer on this end, and in addition to hosting several rounds of guests, making numerous out-of-town trips and exhibiting work in multiple locations around Seattle, I also got to realize one of my long-time goals: to create a wallpaper for The Fox is Black.  

This has been one of my favorite design websites for several years now, and I've always admired the breadth and quality of the work showcased in such a clean, elegant way. The creator and contributors do a stunning amount of work to highlight some of the most interesting art, illustration, architecture and branding to be found.

After years of yearning working up the nerve to submit myself for consideration, I finally answered a call put out by Editor-inChief Bobby Solomon. And of course, I was completely thrilled when he accepted. I spent the next few months juggling jobs, exhibits and house guests to create this piece.

I’ve been very fortunate to take a few trips to Greece, Turkey and Italy over the past few years. My boyfriend’s family is Greek, so I’ve received the authentic Mediterranean treatment alongside the typical tourist runaround, which has left me with a strong connection to these places.

There’s nothing I love more than an afternoon break following a long morning of sightseeing, kicking back on the cobblestones of a busy plaza. It’s one of the best ways I’ve found to fully appreciate the exhilaration and exhaustion that comes with foreign travel. This piece combines a few of my favorite cities, particularly Istanbul, Athens and Siena.

The wallpaper is modified to fit several different screen sizes, including the iphone and iPad (shown here). Go download it, already!


10 Paces and Draw: Spies & Detectives

I did another fun llustration swap with Ten Paces and Draw last month on one of my favorite subjects: Spies & Detectives!  I created the final painting based on a sketch by the absurdly talented Maike Plenzke, and she in turn, got to create a final based on my sketch, below. 


Death Becomes Her

"En Garde, BITCH!" Here's the Death Becomes Her painting I just finished for the B-Movie tribute show at LTD Gallery in Seattle. I was very excited to be invited, so I wanted to choose something really special. Death Becomes Her is one of my all-time favorite movies, and though it arguably boasts an A-list pedigree, its themes and plot are B-Movie gold. The campy horror and endless cat-fighting is completely over the top, which is exactly why I love it so much.

I chose to illustrate the most memorable scene of the film in which both (newly dead) women do their best to destroy each other, to little effect.

Madeline Ashton (Meryl Stree) pulling her head out after seeing the wrong side of a shovel.

Helen Sharp (Goldie Hawn) on the rampage despite getting her guts blown out by Madeline's shotgun.


The October Expedition


These portraits are part of the series I made for the Wunderkammer group show at True Love Gallery. These scientists and explorers are members of the fictional "October Expedition," a scientific voyage around which the this entire series is based. I've got a much larger series planned for this crew (which will roll out slowly) so expect to see much more of them.







THE BOTANIST | 9" x 12"




Ten Paces and Draw: Pin-Up Swap

I recently participated in the Pin-Up swap for Ten Paces and Draw, in which I got to create an illustration based on a sketch by Dave Valeza, the comic book artist and illustrator of sexy dudes. I was pretty obsessed with the London Olympics at the time of the assignment, so it seemed like an obvious choice to reinterpret a hunky Olypian as a classy pin-up model. Team USA, all the way. 


Feature on Capitol Hill Blog

I got a really nice write-up on the Capitol Hill Blog for my current show at Poco Wine Room. I was so excited to hear from them, as the blog is part of my daily reading. I was particularly happy with this description:

"The thick, haunting edges of the watercolor in Levi’s work just might remind you of that wine ring you might find on your table at the end of the evening at Poco. In a great way."

Many thanks to Caroline Roosevelt for the great interview. You can read the full article here.


Lady V

This piece is a reinterpretation of the title character from V for Vendetta, created for Between Heaven and Hellboy, a local exhibition that asked over 100 artists to reimagine their favorite comic book characters. 

I knew I wanted to illustratae a character by Alan Moore, and finally settled on V. Rather than a straightforward rendering, I decided to switch up the gender and play on the aristocratic intrigues that swarmed through England at the time of the Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. His likeness and legend inspired the famous mask, which became such an icon in the graphic novel and movie adaptation, recently revived as a symbol for the Occupy movement. 

In both the comic and the movie, V uses campy theatrics as a weapon, so I felt that oppulent, Elizabethan drag didn't seem too far out of character.



Ten Paces Mixtape: Jolene

I was very excited to be invited to participate in the awesome Ten Paces and Draw mixtape challenge, "Southern Cats' Got Claws," illustrating Dolly Parton's classic song "Jolene." As a longtime fan of Dolly, it was a great thrill to imagine her enacting revenge on the hussie who stole her man. At some point, I think a proper portrait is in order, but until then, enjoy the Southern catfight.


Wunderkammer Opening

Thursday, July 12 was the opening of Wunderkammer at True Love Gallery, the group show I've been working on for several months. Curated by Siolo Thompson and organized by Vedada Sirovika, the show features amazing work by Redd Walitzki, Laura Hines, Michelle Andherst, Scott Dalrymple, Larkin and Yvette Endrijautzki. We had an amazing turnout for the opening, and I'm truly grateful to all who attended. You can see many more (professionally shot) photos on the Wunderkammer blog



The Mighty Mermen

This is a piece from a small sideshow series to be included in my summer  art shows in Georgetown, Seattle. I'm not a huge fan of circuses or carnivals, but I'll make any excuse to draw a group of burly Mermen. 



The Scorpion Girl

This is another piece I made for a small sideshow series to be included in my summer shows in Georgetown, Seattle. This lady might have a killer pair of legs, but more impotantly, she's got class.


In the Canyon of Sleeping Giants

Here is another preview of my series for the Wunderkammer show at True Love Gallery next month. This piece finds our weary travelers from The October Expedition camped out in the skull of an ancient beast as they trek deeper into the mysterious canyons of Cyclops Island. Check out to get more glimpses from the show.


Portraits of Pride


Fog District | 2012

I'm excited to have this piece included in the Portraits of Pride show, opening this week at the new home of Gay City Health Project in Seattle. 30% of all the sales will go back to Gay City, which whose "mission is to promote wellness in LGBT communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts and building community."  It's a great organization and I feel very honored to be part of this show. 


Moustache Men of Summer

These are a few new moustache men I recently finished for my current show in Georgetown. Movember is still several months away, but I couldn't resist sharing these gents. 


Tilda Swinton is: Social Services

We finally got to see Moonrise Kingdom today, and although there so many wonderful things about the movie, one of my favorites was (obviously) the brief, yet memorable role of our beloved Tilda Swinton as Social Services. She's a perfect match for Wes Anderson's highly mannered  style and I hope to see more of her in his movies. Though I don't currently have time to make a proper portrait, I had to come right home and sketch her out while the movie was still fresh in my mind.


Wunderkammer studies

I've been busy working on pieces for my next show, "Wunderkammer" at True Love Gallery in Seattle. Here are some sneak peeks of the pieces currently in progress. The show is curated by the amazingly talented Siolo Thompson and will feature several other great artists like Laura Hines and Yvette Endrijautzki. I'll be posting lots more about this in the coming month, but in the meantime,  you can read more about the show here:


Elizabeth Windsor, FTW


In honor of Her Royal Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, (which, we can all agree is the ONLY important thing in the world right now) I'm already looking forward to Platinum milestone. Watch out, Victoria. Liz is coming for your record. 



I'll be showing work at American Pie cafe in Georgetown for the month of June. This coincides with the Georgetown Carnival, the annual arts and music festival which takes place on June 9. It promises to be a wholesome hometown experience.


Memorial Day


Here's a quick drawing I made for the Memorial Day... a silly, small way of expressing my gratitude to the men and women who served this country throughout history. Here's to you, soldiers.


Your Songs Remind Me of Swimming

Here is a piece I recently made for the Instrumental show in Seattle, based on the Florence + The Machine song, Swimming. I've been pretty obsessed with Florence since her first album, particularly for her ability to knock out catchy, rousing anthems saturated with themes of myth and folklore. She does it without being overly precious or ponderous (unlike some of her musical forbears) which is why her songs work so well. She (and her producers) are careful not to sacrifice melody for the sake of storytelling, so all the elements work together beautifully. Her music tends to be so rich in descriptive language that I'd been meaning to reinterpret one for a long time. The B-side Swimming was getting frequent rotation in my headphones, so I decided to make this the subject of the music-themed assignment.